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Since its foundation in 1936, Manzi’s Company has been expressing the principles of loyalty, transparency, fairness, talent and work valorisation, respect for fair competition and respect for the duties against the community. We believe that it is important to promote a valid and stainless example of living and working, transferring dynamism, pragmatism and passion, generating confidence, serenity and hope in our stakeholders.

A relation net built with Universities and Institutes of Research mark the particularity of our Company. Thus has allowed Manzi Company – despite its dimensions – to excel in producing ideas and to get four patents, two Brevetto di invenzione industriale (Depurfamily and Depurmec, as brands and products) and two Brevetto depositato, as far as waste water treatments and fuel storage. At the same time, our sensibility for Certification Systems is particularly strong; thus we are one of the few Italian companies that have attended the Best Four Rina certification (Business Excellence Sustainable Task) as result of the four quality certifications ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Standard) and SA 8000 (Social Accountability).

This concept has changed and nowadays it has to be applied also to organizing and commercial aspects of products. Innovation generally engages every process and production aspects and is aimed to generate competitive advantages in the market. Presently, cultural and psychological aspects of innovation are gaining ground and – in particularly – individual, psychological, cognitive and emotional inclinations are playing a vital role in accepting product innovations. Those attitudes can be summed up in the concept of consumer innovativeness. All the important companies have to be innovation-oriented, showing themselves porous to technological culture. Thus we are, this has been our way-of-conduct, our propulsion force that has drive us to the continuous search for new products and new markets. The strong points of our products and of our Company are clear: a brand of increased value and a marketing plan that is also our lifestyle and our ever ending search for quality.

The Products Catalogue offer a considerable variety of components and plants entirely projected and produced within the company by our skilled workers, with a clear distinction comparing to the more assemblage oriented competitors’ culture in the field of water purification treatment. Each plant is moreover projected for the end-user and realized on the concept of prefabricated monolithic tanks with plug and play installation system. The customer satisfaction is completed by the proposal of qualified services like transport, installation and, in particular, maintenance of plants through an independent organisation, whitin to the company and acting both in Italy and abroad trough dedicated partners.

The company feature the knowledge of inedited materials as the Polyester Resin reinforced by Fibreglass (P.R.F.V.), which are successfully and constantly applied. Just two decades ago, producing P.R.F.V. water purification systems was simply unimaginable. Despite of what was thought about the Polyester Resin reinforced by Fibreglass, this material showed a chemical and most of all, a mechanical resistance major than every other tipical material or manufactured product. The new productions, realized with double wall provided with leaking detection system, offer solutions of real authenticity in the European outlook. Moreover, research on composite materials is constantly improved by the Company in partnership with an important Italian University, focused on individualizing new solutions both in structural part and in components.

The organization is typical of a forward manual, which respects the hierarchical role, but pointed on the increasing market relationships. The information and communication technologies are really developed within the company and perform a key role in terms of efficiency. We pursue this dimension not only by our partners or turnover, but also with a network of relationships and integration allowed by the new technologies. Finally the role of leading agent of development, not only economic but also moral and social, specially on our own area.

Manzi’s data show a constant growth rate in every market area, for every customer target, in countertrend comparing to the referential area growth rate. Thanks to the endless research and innovation, it was able to handle market asks and changes in a flexible way, succeeding offering just in time solutions. The industrial sector remain the main interest, but the company is fast developing in market diversification expecially in residential field, paying more and more attention to the environmental subjects and sustainable development. Manzi Srl is present in more than 20 countries all over the world, with its staff and important partnerships with high-level multinational companies, recordind progressive growing data, thanks to the market innovations introduction that produce attention both from technological, funcional and economic point of view.

In 1936 Erelio Manzi, known as Aurelio, born in 1914, start on a new level his small hand-crafted workshop inherited from his father Felice, for small plogh and other farm machines construction and repair. The World War II comes and Aurelio, drafted by his Motherland have been prisoned and disapper for over two years.

In the meanwhile his old father Felice, attend as he can the son’s workshop. As the end of war and confinement he returns to work and forms his family and between the end of the 40ties and the beginning of the 50ties, with a renewed strenght devote himself to a new production aiming also to the enological market by wine press construction. In the 60ties the attention about grape processing machines raise, firstly in wood, in steel for press machines.

The small plogh construction is replaced by disc-harrow representig the 10% of the national market. In 1957 Aurelio receive the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro al Merito della Repubblica Italiana from President Gronchi. The 70ties set the way with a new relationship with some Rural Consortiums of centre Italy. The first of january 1977 Aurelio dies earlier at the age of 62. The same years the young Rodolfo and David Manzi, Aurelio’s sons taking over the company.

The new plant, formerly conceived by Aurelio, take place on a new area previoulsy purchased on two floors on 10.000 square meteres area of which over 3.000 covered and assigned to production and management. At he end of 1977 the Company starts to approach the production of Fiberglass wine tanks constructing by an innovative direct iniection system the famous Novello. The 80ties become spectators of the huge development of this line of production becoming the 60% of the Company turnover in partnership with important Italian Rural Consortiums Federation. Also in the 1977 by the activity of Rodolfo Manzi rise the Medical Specialistic Group Practice with Clinical Analysis Laboratory, now oriented on environmental analysis. In 1983 starts a new side production, the fiberglass pot production brand Vasflor.

The fiberglass fits for many applications and in 1986 the first step on environment market take place, reaching the production of recycling glass and paper fiberglass containers. At the beginnig of the 90ties Manzi Srl enter the purifing waste water market by producing fiberglass imhoff tanks, soon followed by and evolution of phisic purification, the first total oxidation purifing system with Venturi Effect, starting the production of the Depurfamily. An every civil issues product. In the meanwhile production consolidate and Manzi Srl build a new plant near the first on a 5.000 square meters area of which over 2.000 covered, founding another Company named Depuritalia Srl, mainly orientend on fiberglass plant parts production.

In the last five years (2003-2008) Manzi Group Srl - Medical Specialistic Group Practice Laboratories Division – Depuritalia Srl, working in synergy push out on gain the national leadership in waste water purifing systems. These are intese years of endless study and research with Universities and specialized Institutes, of new product conception like the Depurmec, Reoil and PetrolTank, of important partners deal like major Oil Companies and as a consequence big market quota, of foreign markets introduction, of acknoledged techinical and scientific attestations, of consolidated management system gain and an environmental quality and workers safety sensibility, certified by the famous Best Four certifications.

The future of every company is anchored to its roots and cannot be apart from the acting context, that expecially in our Country will have to stand for certain istitutional conditions such venture capital diffusion, highly flexible work market and open to new talents, open-hand funding policies toward University research. The local culture, the powerful incentive to the small businessman company, a good will in risk management, the failure handling as an important part of personal innovators’ history, a positive judgement about competition ad work polarization lifestyle. This is the only way to growth and become truly international as in our intentions both in culture that in facts, also without any delocalization, following the last trend of being without going, obviously declining the matter on the company size and distances between countries in which investing to.














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