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The storage tanks are cylindrical and can be produced as both single-block and modular solutions. The product responds to high quality and safety standards such as:

• excellent mechanical behaviour (the tanks are resistant to the passage of heavy vehicles). The materials used give the tank high modular resistance.

• for surface systems, the tanks are supplied with cradles anchored to the tank in both horizontal and vertical tank configurations.
• excellent durability. The fibre glass used for making the tanks gives optimum resistance to degradation caused by chemical and atmospheric agents.

• The diameter of the tanks ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 metres, can be up to 13 metres long, with a containing capacity from 2 to 60 cu. m. For larger dimensions, analyses are made on a case by case basis.

Connections are made on the bottom of the tanks or through the dedicated hatches and include input and output connectors, overflow, and connection inputs.

The pump group is supplied with either positive or negative suction for models with electric or motor pumps, complete with test circuit and accessories as per regulations UNI EN 12845 - UNI 10779 - UNI 11292.
On request, the group can be housed in specially made cabinets.


The advantages of the storage tanks are:

•  ease of operation and installation: the product is suitable in any context

• light and easy to transport

• short lead times for delivery

• rapid assembly, thanks to factory pre-preparation.

• durability over time without the need for extraordinary maintenance


The company has been active in the containment sector for more than thirty years and the product meets the high quality and safety standards such as:

•  optimal mechanical performance The fibre glass gives the tank elasticity and resistance; it can withstand any kind of dynamic load and is suitable for any kind of route and ground. It can be positioned under roads and courtyards, and can support vehicle traffic.

•  optimum durability thanks to the use of specific resins with external treatment that ensures greater resistance in the event of surface installation.

•  made in both single and double wall versions, can be continually monitored,

•  can be configured horizontally and vertically, underground or on the surface

•  personalisation according to Customers' specifications thanks to extreme production flexibility.


The groups for fire fighting systems can be made up of, according to various planning needs, pumps connected to electric or diesel motors and of jockey pumps. The control panel that automatically starts the motor when it receives a signal from the pressure switch, starts the motor with a manual action and stops the motor only with manual input. When using submerged pumps, the control panel of the pump is situated on the same housing as the electric motor and the pump. Our company can supply a complete fire fighting group even with external protection including a roof, doors and painted R60 structure Ral7032, 8 doors with unique number key lock, 1 extractable roof for protecting the control panel and controls from the weather, 1 electronic control panel and illumination protection system, convection heater and sockets, 2 ceiling lights with emergency for panel cabinet and technical cabinet, 1 convection heater with ambient thermostat for technical cabinet, 2 gravity shutters for air recirculation, 1 sprinkler protection kit.

Personalised solutions can be made up of:

1 electric pump + 1 electric jockey pump

1 electric pump + 1 motor pump +1 jockey pump

2 electric pumps + 1 electric jockey pump

2 motor pumps + 1 electric jockey pump

1 motor pump + 1 electric jockey pump

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